House Floor Plans

House floor plans basically come in 2 categories – custom-drawn and pre-drawn plans. It can take plenty of time, money and struggle if you choose the former. Moreover, pre-drawn floor plans, not only save money and time, but can be modified to fit one’s needs.

Many pre-drawn house plans are thoroughly tried & tested. Construction issues have already been figured out. This means that any additional labor costs and questionable areas during construction won’t be a problem.

Final cost estimates of pre-drawn floor plans tend to be more precise, because the specifics have already been figured out, for example, the list of materials has already been sorted out. There is little chance that you will suddenly discover that the building is way over budget. Smart buyers save on architect designing fees.

House floor plans that are readily in stock. They are just as good as the custom-made counterpart. These plans were once custom-made house floor plans, created by capable engineers and architects. Also, the construction papers available in a matter of days not than months.

Looked at another way, the biggest assortment of top quality house floor plans, all in one place, will almost guarantee the perfect design for your home. There are different kinds of house floor plan drawings you need to look at before finally deciding on the building plans that will fit your home.

* Construction plans are a series of drawings that you need to acquire a building permits and get the financing you need to build a home. This collection is made up of 5 complete sets of house floor plans. Each one has an external wall view, from each of the 4 sides: a roof plan, a basement plan, a comprehensive set of house floor plans, and other needed details. This set includes, for example, diagrams for your Vallejo plumber to use.

* Reproducible plans makes it very easy to make minor changes, because these house plans are usually on erasable Mylar or vellum type paper. This set includes a building license that can just be used once.

* CAD plans helps you make extensive changes to the floor plans with the aid of a design expert. It’s like to the reproducible set, except it’s in an digital or electronic format.

* Study plan helps you ascertain if the home will be constructed under budget. The house floor plans in this set have a view of the exterior from all 4 sides, plus the main floor and any added stories.

This ‘single set’ is used for getting bids from contractors, and this set of floor plans doesn’t incorporate a building license.